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Welcome to Kota kinabalu , Sabah - The Land Below The Wind

Running is a popular sport. According to the latest report, as many as 40% of Malaysians are obese, making it the highest in the ASEAN Region. The need to be engaged in some sports activity to make us healthy does not need re-emphasis. The opportunity to train and run is now provided by KK Marathon 2018.

The saying that we must ”take food as medicine. Otherwise, medicine is your food” holds true besides being engaged a few hours in sports, at least, three times a week. In addition, as the populace of Kota Kinabalu comes from all over the places, this sports event acts as an activity for all to mingle and create a social network towards a better Ko0ta Kinabalu.

Definitely, this marathon is a sports tourism event that has a big potential to build awareness and interest among overseas sport tourists towards Kota Kinabalu, leveraging on its CAN - Culture, Adventure and Nature, unique selling points. 

We wish you all have a good run, and not forget to visit some of the attractions around Kota Kinabalu.


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