Countdown to KK Marathon 2020
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1. Am I able to change race categories eg from 10KM to half marathon, from a full marathon to a half marathon or vice versa?

No. Changes are not allowed and no refunds will be provided if you are unable to participate for any reason whatsoever. You will still be entitled to your race pack but you will also not be entitled to any lucky draws at the end of the race.

2. Can I cycle, roller-blade or use any other mode of motorized or mechanical vehicle?

No. Wheelchairs may be allowed, subject to organizers' approval and specific rules.

3. Can I follow the race if I am not a participant (in my car or by bicycle)?

Non participants are strictly not allowed on the race routes, either on foot or by any other means. The race routes will be blocked and controlled by the relevant authorities for the use of the participants only.

4. Can I run without a running number?

All participants must wear their running number clearly on the FRONT of their running singlet.

5. Can I send my family or friend to pick up the race pack for me?

Yes. Your friend will need to give us a copy of your sign-up confirmation. The friend who picks up the race pack must have an authorization letter and photocopy of passport / ic of the runner.

6. How can I review results at the end of the race?

Online results will be uploaded within 72 hours after the race.

7. I am not running but I would like to cheer my family and friends.

The race starts and ends at Kota Kinabalu and you may support your friends and family anywhere along the route but you are strictly not allowed to be on the route itself.

8. I have paid for the race but due to unforeseen circumstances, I am unable to join. Can I defer my participation to the following year?

No. We do not offer deferments or refunds.

9. If I forget to bring my running number, can I still join?

Yes but you will not be qualified to receive any prizes, finisher's tee-shirt, medal nor finisher's E certificate.

10. Is there a station for me to check my bags in before the race?

Yes, you may leave your personal items at the stations clearly marked as “Bag Drop” (venue to be advised). Runners are encouraged to leave valuables at home and to bring as little as possible with them as space may be tight on the day. Bags are checked in at owner's risk. All items not claimed by 12 noon on race day will be transferred to the organizer's office.

11. My company is interested to be a sponsor, set up a booth or provide product sampling at the event.

Please contact the organizer at email

12. What are the types of re-hydration fluids are available and where are the locations?

Drink stations start at 3Kms after the start point and are available every 3-4Kms.

13. What if I am injured during the race and far from any medial support station?

There will be medical back-up crews on motorcycles and bicycles who will have radio communication with the stations and they can be identified by their vests with the words “Medical Support”, “Marshalls” or “Officials”. Please stop them for assistance.

14. What is the average Temperature during the race?

Generally throughout the year, weather in Kota Kinabalu ranges from 25°C during rainy/cloudy days to 30°C during sunny days.

15. When and where can I pick up my race pack?

Kota Kinabalu.




16. When does sign-up close?

Closing date is 8 October 2020 or when running slots are fully taken up.

17. Why is there a time limit on the marathon?

Participants are strongly encouraged to finish the race within the stipulated time to relief traffic controls and to facilitate the prize giving and closing ceremony without distractions. Only full marathoners who have not completed the race after the full race time will be picked up by sweeper or medical support vehicles.

18. Terms & Conditions for Sign-Up Fee

No refunds will be entertained once full payment is received. Confirmed sign-up is not transferable to another person. Signed-up runners are not allowed to change their categories once the sign-up is confirmed.